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Azad Helmy

"Alhamdulillah I can only say good about brother Naasir! Going with him was my first journey to the two blessed cities and it was a 100/10 experience. He explained what and what not to do during the pilgrimage which was useful to an unknowledgeable person like myself. Another youth and I went without any family and he always tried his best to socialize with us and other fellow travelers. I'll never forget when he literally went out of his way to help me to see the Ka'abah one last time before leaving, despite the extremely tough barriers of COVID-19 restrictions put in place. If you're looking for great hotels that are exceedingly close to both Masaajid, I would definitely recommend Naasir. The energy he brings as a group leader is wonderful."

Zainab Elmi

"MashaAllah Tabarakallah it was an amazing umrah experience. Customer service was exceptional and every detail was taken care of. My family and I had an outstanding experience and would definitely recommend it to others"

Omar Sheikh

"Hands down one of the best travel agencies for Umrah. Their accomodation at Pullman zamzam Madinah and Makkah is absolutely amazing. Only a 2 minute walk to masjid nabawi/kabah. Would recommend anyone to go with them. The agency staff explain clearly the process of Umrah."

Yahya Abdi Hadi

"I have used Naasir Travel for Umrah many times now and I am pleased with the service and the attention to detail each time. The hotels are comfortable and the trip is overall very smooth. I highly recommend Naasir Travel for your Hajj and Umrah needs."

Shazad Mansoory

"Alhamdolillah, TABARRUK Allah, the best service provider for Hajj and Umrah in Canada. Excellent customer service and attention to details. BR. Abdul Nasir readily available at all times."
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